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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 09:13:06 EDT
Subject: My Life with Ryan and Dad MY LIFE WITH RYAN AND DADLooking back, my teenage days were quite fun. I have an young lolas naked pics older brother,
just fifteen months older than me, and we have always been pretty close. I
guess we weren't always videos angels girls lolitas that way, but young lolita pussy galleries when I was 14, something brought us
together preteen lolitas 13 years and defloration preteen lolita pics we are even closer now 20 years later.I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and Mom and Dad had left lolitas pix non nude my brother
and me alone for the under nude 15 lolitas weekend. young top list lolita I was in my room, minding my own business
and my brother, Ryan, was out with his girlfriend somewhere. After
listening to a few of my latest record purchases, the door bell rang and I
went to the door. It was my brother's best friend, Kirk, and he told me he
was meeting Ryan here after teen loli chil top his date. So I let him in and we talked for
awhile. Teasing me about being a kid at 14, he asked me if I even knew
what a boner was. nude lolita bbs bbs Having never been told, I took a lucky guess that it was
a dick. I remember I brazilian lolita nymphets pics
was very shy about my answer, hoping that I was
right. I think Kirk realized my embarrassment and in one quick move,
bulled his shorts down to reveal his semi-erect cock. It was overwhelming.
I had messed around with a few of my friends, you know -- sucking and
handjobs -- but I had never seen a dick bigger than 4 or 5 inches. This
cock seemed huge. Even though it was not hard (yet), it had to be at least
six inches and his balls seemed enormous. He asked me if I had ever
touched another dick and I admitted that I had. "Go ahead and touch this
one" he said and slowly started pulling on it. I slowly reached for his
dick and felt a petite model dark loltia fuzzy feeling in my gut as I started to slide my hand over
the thickening shaft. lolicon preteen photos download God, it felt good -- and hot. My mouth began to wet
and ls model lolita photo I knew I wanted to preteen lolita 14 yo
do more.Kirk then asked me if I had ever sucked a guy's prick before. Again, I
quietly acknowledged the fact that I had a little experience in that are.
"You wanna suck this one?" he asked. I got on my knees little young nympho lolitas in front of him and
swallowed his cock in one gulp. I started easing my little lolo model gallery mouth up and down his
shaft and his dick grew thicker. By the time he was hard, he had a good
7.5 inches sliding lolitas calientes culitos chicas between my lips. He was real lolita video bbs quite verbal telling me to suck
his cock and telling me that he has done a lot more than that and that
someday he was going to show me what else guys can do together. I was
hungry for it too. Finally he grabbed me by the preteen lolita bbs portal back of my head and
groaned loudly. "I'm gonna shoot!!!!" he yelled and proceeded to shoot a
healthy load of the best tasting cum I had ever tasted (not a lot, at that
age). After I beat off a load on to my own very young sexy lollitas chest, we cleaned up quietly,
but he told me that there was more to lolitas fresh young naked
come!When my brother got home, they took off for a few hours and I went to the
family room to watch TV. After several hours, I heard them best lollies nude preteen come back and
head toward Ryan's room. I had been thinking about what had happened
earlier and had been stroking my dick to the memories and furthering top bbs model loli
experience with Kirk. Some time later, my brother came into the family
room and startled me."Did you suck Kirk's dick?? He said you did. Did you?" he asked. Before
I had a chance to answer, Ryan was reaching into his pants. hentai de lolitas bbs I stuttered a
little and he proceeded to pull out a hard, thick 8 inch prick uncensored lolita's eating pussy and he was
aiming it at my face. "Suck me too", Ryan told me. "Make me cum like you
did for Kirk". I wasted no time grabbing ahold of his cock and sucking loltas teens young models
for all I was worth. "Oh, yeah!", Ryan groaned. "This is so cool -- you
can suck my cock anytime". I was so busy sucking my brother's cock that I
did not realize that Kirk had come into the room, but I felt him reach
around and grab my dick and then realized that this was going to be even
more fun than lolitas pedo porn teen I had ever experienced. While I was going down on my big
brother's over-sized cock, photos of nude lolitas Kirk started playing with my ass.. eventually
sliding a few fingers into my ass.He told me that he was going to fuck me and asked if I ever had a guy's
dick in my ass. A friend of mine had rubbed his cock against my ass a few
times and I assumed that that was what he was referring to. I was
completely unprepared for russians lollitas teens preteens what fucking really tender lolita pussy photo was. Looking back, he
probably was a little more gentle than I recall. All I know is it hurt
like hell, but eventually it felt sensational. tgp lolita underage preteen
All this time, my brother
kept his cock sliding deep into my throat. It was absolutely the hottest
experience of my life -- free mpeg movies lolita
feeling my brother's cock pulsing in my mouth and
then shooting gob after gob of cum down my throat while his best friend
pounded a few spurts of hot jism into my aching hole.From then on, my brother and I got together -- usually three or four times
a week -- for some of the best fuck and suck sessions I have ever
experienced. Our sessions usually amounted to me sucking his big cock and
then sexy very young lolitas getting his young lolita top porn load up my aerolineas cubanas lolitas ninfomanas
ass. Sometimes Kirk would come over and play
with us, and on young nude underage lolitas occasion I would bring one of my friends over to either
watch or partake. Most thought it was way too cool that I was getting it
on with my own brother.
The next year, my brother and I had the ultimate experience. Mom was out
of town on business and it was just my brother and I and our dad home
alone. My dad has always been a handsome man, about 5'11, 185ish, dark
hair and eyes. He has an average build I guess, he was never fat, but
wasn't lillle russian lolita pussys thin either. Anyway, my brother and I had gone lolita loli model paysites
over to Kirk's house
to mess around and we were bbs nude child lolita getting home around midnight. We assumed that
dad would be asleep, so we entered the house a little more quietly than
usual. I went to my room and Ryan went to his, but a few minutes later
Ryan came into my room."Come here! You gotta see this", he said. This is sooo hot!" he underage lolita young preteen then
practically lolita nymphet young girl pulled me down the hall, hushing me to stay quiet. Mom and
Dad's bedroom door was open just a little and Ryan instructed me to peek
inside. There, on the bed, was my dad. His head was thrown back with lolita nymphlets teen porn his
eyes russian lolita movies forums shut and he was naked. His hand was slowly stroking the largest dick
I have ever seen. It had to be at least 9 or 10 inches and real thick.
The head was large and wet and his balls bounced loosely in his large sac.
I immediately pulled my hard dick out of my underwear and started jacking
it. My brother was trying to squeeze in front of me and finally got me
down on my knees sucking his cock while he spied on Dad. I remember
wanting to get another look, but as I struggled to stand up, we bumped the
door. underage nudes, underage lolitas We immediately darted back down the hall lil lolitas top 100 to my room and waited. We
just knew that Dad had caught us and awaited his entrance into my room and
probably a lot of yelling ... but it didn't happen.After about thirty minutes, Ryan preteen lolita photo model
had his cock back out and was stroking it.
"That was really hot, wasn't it?" he stated. "Oh, yeah!", I said and got
on my knees lolita top 12 y to take his rod in my mouth again. After a good five minutes
of blowing him, my dad barged in the room, but stopped dead in his tracks.
He real cp lolita boys said nothing as I took my mouth off my brother's cock and just looked at
my dad. After what seemed like forever, he said nothing, but reached into
his robe and started playing with his swollen prick. My brother and I just
watched in awe for a few minutes and then I regained my senses and went
back to work on my brother's cock. All the while, dad watched and stroked
his dick. When I reached for my dad's hard 8 inches, he moved away, almost
to say that it would be wrong. So I watched him stroke his monster out of
the corner of my eye as I expertly serviced my brother. Just as my brother
started shooting his load into my gut, my dad let loose with his own load
all over my brother's zeps bbs lolita pics stomach and my face. It was so fucking hot, I had to
shoot a load of my own. Still, dad said nothing, but closed his robe and
left the room. And he never mentioned it again.My brother and I have been getting it on now for 20 years. He is married
and lives in Houston, and because I live in Ft. Lauderdale, we don't get secret lolita bear hug to
see each other too often. But when we do, we always make sure we can get
away and play. We got the opportunity to have dad again right after Ryan's
bachelor party, but I will wait and tell you about that one after I see how
many of you want to hear it. Let me know what you think!
MORE free legal preteen lolita LIFE WITH RYAN AND DADThis is the continuation of my previous posting regarding my Brother Ryan
and my father. I welcome all free lollita xxx sex feedback and related experiences!Over the course of the next several years, Ryan and I continued to fool
around with each other every chance we got. Sure, we experienced normal
life for teen-aged boys, such as girlfriends, high school graduation and
even the divorce of our parents. But through it all, we remained close and
enjoyed our special relationship.There were times that we would fuck around practically every day for weeks
and then we would go for a week or two without any sexual contact at all.
I guess we just had other things to do, art loli kids nude
but when we did get back to it, it
would be explosive. I remember one weekend right after Ryan graduated from
High hot thumbnails pussy lolita
School and my Mom was out of town. She and dad had already divorced
and Dad lived several virtual lolita porn pics miles away. My best friend at the time, Joe, was
spending the day over at my house while my brother was out with some of his
friends. Joe and I had been getting it on for awhile, sometimes with my
brother. Joe was my age and a lot of fun. With a special talent for oral
sex, he and I would 69 for what seemed like hours until his fat 8 inch cock
was spurting loads of hot cum down lolita young russian bbs my throat. This particular afternoon
was no extreme pre lolita portal
different. Laying on my bed, Joe was pumping my face with his big
dick while I did the same to him when my brother came home and interrupted
our fun. Not one to be left out, Ryan quickly got undressed and was
beating off while watching Joe and I in action. It photos lolitas 14 yo was obvious that Ryan
was getting real worked up and he started slipping his fingers into Joe's
tight ass. From underneath Joe, I could watch my brother nymphets in action lolicon sliding at first
one, then two and search lolita preteen porn then three fingers in and out of Joe's ass while I
continued to work Joe's cock over with my tongue. Finally, Ryan stood up
and positioned his 8 inch member at the hole of Joe's ass and smeared underage illegal russian lolitas his
pre-cum top vagina loli cp all around. Ryan spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva onto Joe's
hole and then replaced his cock and started to force it in. lolita gallery info lol Joe, by this
time, lolitas cp top sites had taken his mouth off horny nude little lolita my cock and was groaning with pleasure. I
watched as Ryan's cock inched it's way to the hilt lolita ls series models of my best friend's ass
and began an increasingly paced motion back and forth. After several
minutes, Ryan was blowing his wad deep in Joe's ass and Joe was blowing his
deep down my throat. After Ryan let his softening cock slip from Joe's
ass, he instructed Joe to sit on my face. Once positioned, I proceeded to
eat my own brother's cum from my best friend's just-fucked hole. It was
one of the hottest experiences of my life and I blew my load while my
brother's ass-deposited load slid down my throat.We had many hot experiences with friends and even more with just the two of
us over the years. But one of the hottest experiences came the night of my
brother's bachelor party. It top sites lolitas nymphets was 1984, so I guess I was 20 and Ryan was
22. He had been going with this girl he met in college and they were ready
to settle down, I guess and raise a family. Ryan and I never non nude lolita preeteen
discussed how this would effect our relationship, and in a way, I guess loli nymphet bbs top it
never really did. Even though they had a very sexually active courtship,
my brother always found time to get it on and get off with me. He nude very young teenlolitas was
living on his own by that time, so we did lolita preteen nude ukrainian not see each other as much, but
when we did get together (every few weeks or so) the sex was always hot.
It had gotten to the point, however, that he was really only into me
servicing him. I would usually suck his cock until he blew his load in my
mouth and then he would watch me get off by jacking off. It had been well
over a year pre 1920 lolita xxx since we had anyone join us for hot sex, and I was getting the
feeling that those days were probably over.My dad and I had planned a pretty big bachelor party for Ryan. loli russian girl nude We had it
at my dad's house and invited practically every guy Ryan knew. That
included Kirk, who was at that point married. We had not done anything
with Kirk in a couple years, and since this was my brother's bachelor
party, I really didn't think anything would happen that night either. The
Part was a lot of fun -- we all had a lot lolitas ls pay sites to drink and dad hired a
stripper. Finally, around 3:00AM, everyone had left and Dad, Ryan and I
were left to clean up. Knowing we were probably going to have more than
our share to drink, we had planned to stay at dad's house overnight. After
dad told us he was going to hit the sack, Ryan and I stayed up for awhile
and had another beer. Ryan said he was going to get ready for bed and
would be right back and went into the bathroom. When he came out, he had
only his briefs on and his cock was lolita child 16 nacked
obviously hard laying young teen loli vids
across the front.
Knowing my cue, I got on the floor in front of him and pulled his briefs
down and shoved his fat prick into little naked nymphet lolitas my mouth. I was deep ls land lolita bbs
throating his hot
cock for all I was worth. I had Ryan move to the sofa and sit down and I
crawled between his legs and went back to work. Ryan must have had his
head thrown back while he enjoyed my sucking his cock, because he forum real loli teen did not
notice dad come into the room. The first sign that we were not alone came
when I felt my father's hands on my ass. Startles, I turned quickly to see
the familiar long fat cock that I lolita angle pussy nude had not seen in years. Ryan, just as
surprised as I was, froze and nude russian lolita art started to get up, but dad pushed lolitas illegal sex xxx
him back
down onto the sofa and told us to keep going. Having been in this
situation before (years ago), Ryan stuck his cock back in my mouth and dad
really got into feeling my ass. The next think I new, dad was lubing up my
ass with his own saliva and then I felt his over-sized cock at young teen preteen lolys
the entrance
to my hot lolita preteen rape pics
ass. I needed no further instructions ls magazine + lolita
and just slid back against
my dad's cock and felt him enter me, at first slowly and little beauties nymphets lolitas
then with
increasing force. lolita bbs jpg preteen Once he was all the nonnude models lolita toplist way in me, I rocked back on his cock
to let him know it was okay to proceed and he started fucking my ass for
all he was worth. It was definitely the hottest sexual experience of my
life as my brother fed me his 8 inch rod and my dad fucked the living day
lights out of me with at least 9 inches of hot dad-meat. After about ten
minutes, my dad told Ryan that he wanted to try my mouth and the two
switched places. Here model angel lola love I was sucking the dick that was just up my ass while
my brother fucked the shit out of me for the first time in years. angel lola luv bio
When my
dad finally came, he shot such a hot big load that I lolita mpegs dog fuckers
couldn't get it all.
But that was okay with dad -- he best sites of lolitas
caught the cum running out of my mouth
with his hand lil loli nude pics and gave his hand to my brother, who licked it clean. In the
meantime, my brother was shooting wad after wad of his own into my ass.
After I finally shot my load all over the floor, dad said something like
"well, we better get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day" and then young models prelolitas pics
he headed
back to his room. Ryan little virgin lolitas bbs and I were stunned, to say the no nude young lolitas least.Ryan got teen candid cute lolita married the next day and I went back to my mother's house. Ryan,
dad and I did not have preeteen lolitas posing nude the opportunity to get together again for a couple
of years, but million faces lolita bbs
I will tell you more about that later. Dad and I got
together by ourselves a few times before he moved to another state and Ryan
and I -- well Ryan and I still get it on when we can. Let me know if you
want more.Tom
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