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From: JT Poole
Subject: Boybands - My Kinda Guy - Chapter 17Warnings and Disclaimers:1) If reading this is in any way illegal in your pthc chat line town, marisa pthc state or zip code
because of your age, religion, or other government rules you shouldn't read
this.2) If you don't want to read about male/male gay sexual relationships, go
away. You shouldn't waste your time with this story.3) I don't know any of the members of 'N Sync, or any other celebrities that
may be mentioned in this story. This story in no tight pthc sex
way is meant to imply
anything about 'N Sync, and any other celebrities sexualities,
personalities, or anything else. This is a work of pure fiction.Questions and commentary can be sent to "". I want to
hear from everyone out there that is reading this story, tell me what you
think whether it is bad or good.AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know Justin's video for Senorita aired on MTV a pthc vicky raygold
couple of
weeks back, but still vicky pthc rape this is just a story. I do keep up with the pthc info pics
events on MTV.TRL is the copyright alfa teen pthc of free cp pthc
MTV (Music Television) Networks; MTV is copyrighted
to MTV Networks.======================================
My Kinda Guy -- Chapter 17
by JT Poole// Orlando, FL - Regency Hotel -- Main Ballroom //"Would you like me to get you pthc 8yo pictures something to drink?" Joey asked, as he and JC
found a table to sit at."Yeah get me a Rum and Coke if you can, if not, get me a regular Coke." JC
stated"Alright, I pthc imgbbs feru will be back in a few minutes, you sit tight." Joey stated,
walking best free pthc links over to the bar."Hi." kiddy pthc incest JC heard a voice beside him. "JC Chasez right?""Hi." JC stated. "I am JC Chasez. Don't I know you from somewhere?""I am Damien Fahey, the host of TRL." The man stated."I knew you looked familiar." JC stated. "What's going on man?""Nothing much, just here trying to get some coverage on your friend Justin
Timberlake." pthc cbaby Damien stated."Oh yeah, why?" JC asked."Well his new video premiered on MTV today and well to put it lightly, it's
already a hit." Damien spoke."Yeah I like it too." JC stated, as Joey walked back with the drinks."Here you go Josh. Who's your friend here?" Joey asked."This is Damien from TRL." JC stated. "Damien, this is Joey Fatone of N
Sync.""Hi Damien, nice to forbidden pics pthc meet you." Joey stated, shaking hands with Damien."So you are here too to show support for Mr. Timberlake?" Damien asked."Yep, here to help our buddy celebrate." Joey stated as he saw Nick and
Justin coming over. "There's the man of the hour now with his best friend.""Hmm...his best friend?" Damien asked."Hi guys, who's your friend? He looks kinda familiar." Justin stated, as
he and Nick approached their friends."That's Damien from TRL." Nick stated, glaring at Damien."Have you two had the pleasure of meeting already?" JC asked."Yes." Nick stated, imgboard pthc as turning away from them."Nick, can I speak to you for a moment?" Justin asked, pulling Nick away
from the other men. "Nick is this the guy you were telling me about?""Yes that's the one and only rejector." Nick stated."He is cute, but not as little pthc girl cute as you." Justin stated. "Don't let him being
here ruin your mood baby.""I'm pthc vid
sorry Justin. I will try to not let it ruin my mood." Nick stated,
grabbing Justin's hand. "It just pisses me off to see him here.""Well don't let it piss you off, just ignore him." pthc bestiality Justin stated as the two
of them walked back over to the men."So Justin, how do you feel about your new video being a hit on TRL right
now?" Damien asked."I think tony montana pthc it's very pleasing that the fans are enjoying it right now."
Justin stated."How do you r gold pthc
feel Nick about the competition?" Damien asked."I am not threatened by it." Nick stated."Oh? It's been a while since we heard anything new from you." Damien
stated. "Thought you Backstreet guys tried my pthc daughter to stay on top.""I thought we were talking about just me, not the rest of Backstreet?" zeps pthc Nick
stated. "Nick Carter and Backstreet Boys are totally different, tell me
Damien, which xxx pthc top xxx
one of do you pthc pedo sex porn
want to know about?""Just you Nick, why no new releases?" Damien asked."Could it be that I am taking a break from the music world?" Nick asked."Could pthc watersport galleries it be that you couldn't hack it being pthc daddy s girl
solo and now you have fucked
up." Damien stated as he and Nick were in each other's faces."What's going on here?" JC asked, pushing Nick and Damien away from each
other."Why don't you ask him?" Nick stated. "He's the one throwing off major
tude.""Nick come with me." Justin stated, grabbing Nick by the hand and pulling
him towards a corner in the room. "What are you doing?""It wasn't me, it was him." Nick stated."You two were clearly arguing, I thought you were not going to let him get
to you?" Justin pthc odvd asked."Baby he started in on me." Nick stated, "I was being nice to him and he
started acting like a bitch.""Because he's acting that way, doesn't mean you have to act free pthc video stream that way too."
Justin stated."I know I should have stayed behind. You are pthc cp teen pthc proibida pic
mad and this wasn't even my
fault." Nick stated."I am not mad, I am just shocked that you would let him get to you like
that." Justin stated."Well I am sorry Justin." Nick stated. "I guess I should sweet pthc just go back up
to the room. I will be in my room when this ends.""You are not leaving Nick." Justin stated."Yes I am leaving, I am not going to give him another cp pthc chance to get to me."
Nick stated. "I will wait up for you.""I want you to stay Nick, I want to share this with you." Justin stated."I know you pthc girls porn do baby, but pthc fozya bbs
you don't need drama tonight, and I don't need it
either." Nick stated, looking around the room, and then kissing Justin on
the cheek quickly. "Congratulations.""Nick please." Justin stated as Nick walked away. "Oh he's going to pay
for running Nicky away."Walking back over to his friends pthc kid pics
and Damien, Justin walks up to Damien,
pushes him up against the bar and punches him in the stomach, as Joey and JC
tried to hold him back."What the hell is your problem man?" Damien asked, holding his stomach."Right now you are my problem!" Justin screamed. "You ruined this night
for me!""I didn't pthc lesbian tgp
ruin anything for you!" Damien screamed back."Oh you top list real pthc ruined cambodian pthc something and you are going to wish you hadn't." Justin
stated, struggling to get free from Joey and JC."Justin what's going on?" JC asked."This jerk upset Nick and ran him away." Justin stated, still struggling to
get free."I didn't run the creep away, torrent and pthc he just couldn't handle the atmosphere."
Damien stated."I suggest you leave, if you stay here, I can assure you that I will kick
your ass!" Justin screamed as he got free from JC and Joey and jumped on
top of Damien punching him in the face."Justin stop, stop before you hurt him!" JC stated, trying to pull Justin
off of the man."He needs to hurt!" pregnant pthc Justin screamed as Hotel Security jumped into the
matter."What's the problem here man?" The officer asked."He attacked me, that's what the problem is." Damien stated."I had a fucking good reason to attack you!" Justin screamed."Okay people there's nothing more to see here." The officer stated. "You
four come with me."// 20 Minutes Later -- Security Room //"Are you calmed down now to talk?" JC asked."I guess so." Justin stated."What was that all about out there?" JC asked."He did something to upset Nicky." Justin stated."You got like that pthc board trade because Nick was upset?" JC asked. "Damn, chubby pthc
I hate to see
what you do if someone actually hurt him.""In tara pthc rapidshare a way he did hurt Nick and from pthc animal
my point of it all, he was trying to do
it again." Justin stated."Am I missing something?" JC asked."A lot, but that's not my business to tell." Justin stated. "All I will
say is that, that guy was just being mean to Nick is all, he was doing
everything he could to cause problems and he got what he wanted.""So what did Nick say to you?" JC asked."He told me he didn't want to ruin my night and that he was going back up to
the room so that guy wouldn't bother him sven's place gateway pthc anymore." Justin stated."So I take it that Damien and Nick have a past?" JC asked."You can say that." Justin stated."Ah, that explains a lot then." Joey stated walking over to the two of
them. "Are you okay Justin?""Yeah I am fine now." Justin stated. "Did you go see if Nick was in his
room?""Yeah kingpass pthc he was there and he's on his way down here now." Joey stated."Whew...Glad I didn't ask Damien out on a date or anything, that really would
have put a damper on everything." JC pthc girls sesy
stated."You can do better than him Josh." Joey stated."What is he talking about?" Justin asked. "You free nude pthc
can do better than pthc lollipop him?""Oh yeah, Justin I am gay, or at least I think I am gay." JC stated."You're what!" Justin screamed."Maybe shark pthc
you should have waited until sometime later to tell him images of pthc
Josh." Joey
stated."Joey you knew?" Justin asked."He kinda told me about this yesterday." Joey stated."I thought I was your best friend Josh?" Justin asked."You are my best friend, but you were mad with me and I had said those mean
things to you about being gay and well..." JC stated as the tears slowly fell
from his eyes. kiddy pthc sex
"I had hurt you because of the pthc cp bbs imageboard
things I couldn't reveal
about myself. I am so sorry illegal sex pics pthc
Justin.""Josh you could have told me." Justin said. "That's something that matters
more than anything else.""I know it matters, but I didn't know how you were going to react when I
told you." JC stated."So you told Joey, the pthc yahoo briefcase main one that turned his back on pthc little girls
me." real pthc tracker Justin stated
as Nick walked into the door."What's going on Justin, are you okay?" Nick asked."No pthc bald pussy I am not okay, I am having a bad fucking night." Justin pthc young watch stated, walking
away from JC and Joey."Justin don't be like that." JC stated. "Just please don't turn your back
on me, give us another chance.""Whatever." Justin stated as he walked past Nick out of the room."What just happened here?" Nick asked."Well he found out I was gay and took it the wrong way." JC stated."Oh, let me go get him." Nick stated. "Hopefully I will be back with him."// Main Ballroom //"You are pussy eat pthc not a wallflower so get free pthc girls sites out there and mingle." Leslie stated,
pushing Aaron away from her."I don't want to mingle. I want pussy of child pthc to find out what happened to Justin."
Aaron stated."That's none of pthc pics boy your concern, security free pthc webcams is handling it and pthc vcd don't you put your
nose in it." Leslie stated."Oh great, here comes Hillary and her man." Aaron stated as he picked up
his drink and pthc link
walked bbs cp pthc toplist away."Where are you going Aaron?" Leslie cgiworld pthc asked."I am going over there and enjoy real rape pthc my drink." Aaron stated as he got to the
bar and sat down, ordering another drink. "Can I get a felixxx guestbook pthc Vodka and Cranberry
Juice?""Can I see some ID please?" The bartender asked."Well...uh..." Aaron stuttered."Sorry dude, if you don't have a ID I can't serve you alcohol." The
bartender stated."Whatever dude, just give me a Sprite with lots of ice." Aaron stated as
the bartender fixed his drink and handed it to him. "Thanks for nothing.""Hey guy, what's going on?" Aaron heard someone say."This place is boring as hell and I just want to get away pics pthc free and drown my
sorrows." Aaron stated, eyeing the guy strangely."I know what you mean man." The guy spoke. "My manager made me come to
this thing so I can appear with pthc hard videos Ms. Duff over there, but she's being an
airhead and hogging all the press people.""Don't get me started on Ms. Duff." Aaron stated. "I can tell you some
stuff about her.""I bet you could. I am Frankie Muniz, and you are?" Frankie stated,
extending his hand to Aaron."Aaron Carter." Aaron stated, shaking hands with Frankie."I knew you looked familiar, you're Nick Carter's dasha pthc little brother." Frankie
stated. "I my sister took me to one of your concerts before.""Well I hope both of you enjoyed it." Aaron stated."It was the first time I had gone pthc illegal girls to a concert to see a child cp pthc
guy." Frankie
stated."Oh really, so was it worth it?" Aaron asked."Was what worth it?" Frankie asked."Me being the first guy you saw in concert?" Aaron asked."It was okay." Frankie pthc pictures and series
laughed, "It was like my pthc bbs sven third concert in my
lifetime. Britney Spears, Pink and then you.""Whoa, Pink, you went to go see Pink?" Aaron asked. "You don't look the
type to listen to Pink.""Well you don't look like the innocent guy that sings those songs. You look
hotter." Frankie stated, blushing bright red when he realized what he said."So pthc alina
you think I am hot?" Aaron asked."Could you forget I said that?" Frankie asked."Why should I forget it?" Aaron asked."Well I don't want to make a fool out of myself." Frankie stated."Why would you be making a fool out of yourself?" Aaron asked."Trying to come on to you at a party like this, in pthc loita underage a place new slang for pthc
like this."
Frankie stated."Keep talking, you might get what topkiddie pthc you want." Aaron stated."How do you know what I want?" Frankie asked."Maybe I want the same thing you want." Aaron stated."Oh?" pthc pedo sex bbs Frankie stated."Yeah maybe." Aaron stated. "Do you have any plans for later?""No, how about you?" Frankie asked."None what's so ever." Aaron stated. free pthc pic "Would you like, want to bbs nude pthc
go for a
walk and talk a real cp pthc bit?""Sure, let's go." Frankie stated as he and Aaron returned to the bar,
placed their glasses down and walked out.// 20 Minutes Earlier -- cp pthc link The Hotel Parking Lot //"Isn't this where we first met?" Nick asked, walking up to Justin sitting
in his car."Yeah, I guess it was." Justin stated."Justin baby, what's wrong?" Nick asked."Too much baby, just too much." Justin stated."Too much like what?" Nick stated. "Talk to me Justin.""Well I got upset when that guy upset you, then I got more upset when Josh
told me he was gay." Justin stated."Why get upset about that?" Nick asked."I am supposed to be his best friend, underground russian pthc and instead of telling me, he told
Joey." Justin stated. "That hurt my feelings because when I told him I was
gay, he treated me pthc child movies
like crap then Joey treated me like crap. It was like he
was family nudist pthc
being rude to me because he was mad at himself or something.""I can see your point there, but you didn't have to attack Damien for
upsetting me." young mamas pthc Nick stated. "In our life together, I am quite sure pubescent pthc mpegs
there will be plenty of people that will upset me. You can't attack them
all.""I know baby, but he had it coming." Justin stated. "He knew he was
upsetting you and he only did it to be spiteful.""I know baby." Nick stated."You know you are missing your party." Nick stated. "You need to go back
to security and tell them you will behave yourself then we can go back to
the party.""You are going to come with me?" Justin mom daughter cp pthcpthc pics boards video 11yo girl pthc
asked."Yes I am going to come with you baby." Nick stated."Oh thank you gagagogo net pthc Nicky." Justin stated as he pulled Nick down pthc kds r ygold
into the car and
the two of them shared a passionate pthc cgi board
kiss."Justin stop that before you get us caught." Nick stated."So what." Justin stated. "I am so happy.""Well I am glad you are happy." Nick stated."I child top pthc
am glad you are my boyfriend." Justin stated. "I have a surprise for
you later on romanian pthc pics when we get back to my room.""What kind of surprise?" pthc kds porn top Nick asked."You will just have to wait until later on tonight when I show it to you."
Justin stated. "Come on, let's get back inside before they start to worry
about us."======================================
TO BE CONTINUED...Comments or Suggestions Contact InformationE-Mail:
Yahoo: johntpoole
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