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From: Chris Johns
Subject: My Hero - Final Chapter.This is the final Chapter of the story. Usual rules apply. Enjoy nudist child pics My Hero Chapter 9 - Back to CollegeThe children pussies Congo trip childfuck porn lasted a little over two cute child blowjob months. children ls Completely successful
Martin and Laramie returned home to much praise and a very high profile
throughout the underground nude child UN agencies based in New childs nudes ru York. nudity childs A three year research grant
for Martin and three years of a funded degree course for Laramie were their
reward and they were still on the UN payroll, things could not be better.Martin was now thirty three, and looked very distinguished with a child pantyhose little
grey showing at the sides of his hair. Laramie was twenty eight and much to
Martin's annoyance he still looked like a school boy, photos children fuck he would not look out
of place in a room full of college students when nudist fhotos children
he started.Henry had bought a slave for them and purchased an apartment just off
campus. When the boys walked into it on their first day they were stunned.
Henry had gone a little overboard, it was stupendous. The furniture and
fittings were top drawer. The master suite and the lounge had huge picture
windows with stunning views across the river and the campus. There was a
formal dining room, a breakfast room, a wonderful study / library, a second
smaller suite and a slave room with basic bathroom attached and a utility
room. The kitchen was 21st. Century tech. absolutely chillporn tgp beyond the two boys to
operate. The whole apartment was about 6000 incest litle child sq. ft.They turned together after being shown round and hugged Henry."Dad childs sex foto this is too much, but thanks so much." Martin was close to tears at
his father's generosity.Laramie was beyond that, the little boy in him came to the fore and he
threw himself into his mother's arms."Thank child defloration pictures you Mama, I'll love you forever."Mrs. Buford laughed and hugged him back."Of course you will, now you get along and look after each other. Joshua
has had two weeks with nude child nudist the kitchen people so he childs russians nudes knows how everything
operates in that space station out there."Lots of laughter and hugs and kisses before Henry and his wife left.Martin and Laramie had not seen their new slave before today. He was
clothed because he child incest pics had been travelling with the family but now Martin took
charge."Into your quarters Josh, get naked and then come and present yourself to
us."As soon as he went Martin said, "Well, what do you petite nude child think of him?""Mmm, twenty, maybe, cute, but looks confident and petite children sex
competent. New to
slavery I would guess, did Dad say anything about his training?""No and I agree, if he isn't trained as pussy of child a body slave are we going to do
it?""Oh yes I would think so, that could be fun, as long as children sexy
you want to as
well."It didn't happen very often, but occasionally the subservient slave showed
through when Laramie was talking to Martin. Martin realised that it was one
of his brother's topless child galleries endearing traits so he moved childporn free pics to him to give him a hug."Whatever you want to do Lover, children cowgirl shirts remember, we're brothers now."The beautiful soft eyes that never seemed to lose their look of wonder now
looked up at his elder brother and speaking very sex movie child
softly said."I know Master, but sometimes I forget." Then he smiled and the whole room
was lit up.Martin looked serious as he replied."I love you so much Laramie, your strength helped me to survive when all I
wanted to do was die after Tom passed away."The kiss lasted forever children naturism russian and Laramie was limp when their lips parted."Oh Marty, you challenge sex child hardcore my sanity when you kiss me like that, it reminds
me of the first time you made love to me, I knew that day I would be your
slave forever whatever happened in my life."They looked up then and Joshua was stood at slave rest in front of them.Both young pics children rusian men took their free illegal childsexpics time looking him over. He was about five foot
nine inches tall, 150 pounds, lightly muscled, neat cock and balls, good
muscle definition in the legs, small feet."Turn round Josh."Same scan at the back. Nice rounded butt. Martin and nubiles child
Laramie looked at each
other child fucked mpegs and grinned."Open your legs wide Josh and bend over to touch your toes."Martin rose then walked to Joshua and stroked his bottom before slicking up
a finger and easing it over his sphincter, fucking him with it for a
minute. Joshua didn't move."Good boy Joshua, stand up again, turn round and resume slave free children hentaipornstars child rest."Martin went to sexe nud children
sit down again."How long have you been a slave Josh?""Three child nudism months Master.""How old are you?""I'll be 21 in one month Master.""Good, what have you been trained as?""Before I became a slave Master I was a chef. For my slavery they thought I
should be trained as a body slave because they thought I was cute."He blushed and Martin thought he would like this boy."Tell me how you became a slave.""Very stupid of me Master, the day seks children movie I received my final qualification to
work unsupervised as children nude pics
a chef I went out and got children naked pics drunk. I had never touched
alcohol before and it went straight to my head. I ploughed through a mass
of road works on my way home causing considerable damage.""Mmm, I agree, very stupid, but your loss of freedom will be our gain. Are
you gay kids child porno Josh?""I'm not really sure Master, I did like some of the sex I had in training
but I have never been treated tenderly during sex so it is difficult for me
to be sure." free sex childschildren agency Laramie whispered to Martin. "You had better show him, if you
make love to him like you did to me he'll have no doubt he is.""Very well Josh, and you know how to use the kitchen?""Oh yes Master, I have been training in here for two weeks now, it is very
modern.""Good, well you had better run along and show us what you can do for our
dinner. You are to wear a full Chef's apron and protective shoes when child sex undergraund you
are cooking Josh, I don't pics childs sexy want burns or anything like it to mark your skin,
it is flawless and very attractive.""Thank you Master."Josh went off to sex children galery the kitchen wondering about his new children putas
master's, he had been
told they were brothers but they acted like lovers and didn't look alike
even though they were nudes porn child both blond. He did think they were nice though, he
thought he would be happy here.Dinner was stupendous. After it was all xxx child passwords cleared away, coffee had been
served with liqueurs and both men were settled comfortably in the lounge
when Joshua reappeared, naked again."Thank you Josh, that was superb. Laramie was once my slave, to show him
how much I loved him for the way he looked after us I took him to bed and
lavished as much love and affection on him as I knew how. I am going to do
the same to you tonight. If, by the time I am finished you don't think you
are gay we will never use you sexually again. Are you happy with that?"Josh was almost speechless, he wasn't stupid, he child prono pictures had noticed how slaves
were treated before he became one himself. This master was offering him
much more than he could ever have expected."Thank you Master."There really was nothing else to say. Two hours later Marty and Laramie had
to carry Joshua to his bed, he was so comletely out of it, and childrens porn pics after
cleaning him up they tucked him in and went to their own bed with Martin
repeating with Laramie what he had just done to Joshua."If I were heterosexual Marty I would still want you to do this to
me. Joshua will tell you he is gay in naturist child the morning in the hope that this
will happen again."Without any doubt Martin had become a classic lover childrens nude pics because of the love he
had for whoever he did it with.The next morning Joshua bathed both of his masters before assuming slave
rest in front of them after serving breakfast."Well Josh, am I going to do that again, and is Laramie going to also show
you that we want you to be happy here with us."There were tears of happiness at the back of Joshua's eyes as he replied."Thank you Master, girl child nudists
that was the most exquisite experience of my life. I
know I am only a slave asian children nude
ilegal children porn
with no rights or expectations but I will serve you
willingly, enthusiastically if you will child pictures nude do that to me again, however
infrequently.""Come here Josh."Joshua moved close to Martin and was surprised to be taken into a gentle
hug."You may be a slave, but you are also a beautiful young man. We will be
delighted for you to look after us and let us make love to you with joy not
submission."Now Joshua knew he would be happy, this was so childs porno much more than he child underground porno
out of slavery.It was time now for Laramie to become a student and Martin to introduce
himself to the Dean and staff.The Dean kindly volunteered to introduce him to the staff."I expect you will know some of them from your time child pornography jpg here as an
undergraduate Martin."Martin had not thought about Dan for years but now wondered if he was still
here. He didn't litle children fucking have to wonder for long. naturist child photos The first person he saw as he
entered the staff room was a tall very distinguished looking black
professor.When he turned round and saw Martin he gasped and the child anime nude Dean child vaginal abnormalities introduced them."I believe you know Professor Haskell, Martin, he was your tutor wasn't
he?""Yes Sir, he was. Hello Dan, it's children free pic really good to see child xxx fuck you again."Martin took nude sexy children Dan's hand as he said it and Dan looked shocked"It's good to see you child porn download again as well Martin, colleagues this time.""Yes, we must get together sometime when you are free."The Dean introduced him to the others and then left. Martin and Dan settled
down together until Dan's next lecture to talk about their lives since
Martin graduated. Of course he knew about Tom and offered his condolences."I tried to contact you Martin but was told you were in another coma
induced by Tom's death. It is so good to see you looking so well again.""I owe that to Laramie, Dan, he is no longer a slave, he is another Buford
boy, naked child photo Tom's Father adopted both of us. I was ready to die after Tom but
Laramie pulled me out of it and we went back to the Congo to finish Tom's
work. My dad child incest
reward is a three year research grant here and Laramie child incest fotos is here as
well doing a degree."Dan looked disappointed."Yes Dan, I still love him so much no one else will replace him but we
aren't exclusive. We both make love to other foto naked child people that we are fond of. We
have a pretty new slave between us and I think Laramie is going to take him
to bed to night. I did last night, he is fun like Laramie was when he was a
slave."Dan smiled and said, "In that case could I induce you to child darkcollection come and see my
etchings tonight?"Both men laughed then."No boy friend then Dan?"Serious look."No Martin, not since you, I never found someone nearly as good and
wouldn't settle illeagel sex children for second best."Martin was shocked but pleased as well, he remembered vividly Dan's massive
appendage and the havoc it wreaked inside him."In that case I would be delighted. I have to tell Laramie."Dan grinned, "Why don't you come along to my next class I think you might
find him lollita hymen child there.""Really, he's one of yours?""Mmm, I saw his name on my list of new students and thought of you but
never linked the two of you, how could I?"Laramie knew all about Dan from his time here as a slave and looked worried
when Martin told him he was going to spend the night with Dan.Martin leant in close and whispered."Yes we will make love, probably frequently Baby but he won't ever be a
threat to us."Good enough sex childs xxx
for Laramie, child underwear nonude
he smiled up at Martin and did the same to Dan
when their eyes met.That night Martin went home with child porno dvd Dan and they resumed naked incest children
where they left off
years before. The magic was gone though. Martin loved the feel of Dan's
massive appendage inside him and Dan loved the feel of Martin's inside, but
the electricity wasn't there."We've changed Dan.""That's for sure children nude photo Martin. You were amazing but before you went away you were
way beyond amazing. Why?"In his heart Martin knew and Dan was too special to deceive."When I lost Tom I pics naturist child realised how transient life is. Laramie was my
saviour. I know chill kds pics in my heart that the only japan sex childrens
man that can truly reside there
is him. I love you Dan but you can never be my first love, Laramie will be
that and I will second my life to his, nothing and nobody will ever
supplant him in my life."They never made love again mother child incest
and Martin and child sex hairless
Laramie never made love manga child sex
another person children kds pre
unless they were both present and that other person was
Joshua. child pussy photos
Even in nude childs foto
retirement on child erotica modles the beautiful Buford estate chili porn movies there were only
the three of them for sex.Joshua was a distinguished fifty year old and still wondered how he could
have been, and still considered himself so lucky when his two masters
retired. Three in a bed was still a regular occurrence but now it was
mainly for cuddles. He had looked after his two masters for thirty years
and seen them scale the heights in the world of pics of childporn child care internationally.
Martin and Laramie had both received honorary knighthoods from King William
of England and multiple awards and decorations from many other governments
and reigning monarchs. Their love and compassion for chills early pregnancy
their fellow man,
slave or freeman, beggar or king, hot sex childs
never appeared to flag.When Marty died of child rape mpg a heart attack one day short of his eightieth birthday
Laramie followed within 24 hours and Joshua, now a free man became the
master of the Buford estate. THE END++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Always happy to hear from you to let free children porno
me know what you thought child fuck pic of the story.I have written two porno pics children books and child pussy videos about sixty stories for different web sites
and magazines. My imagination is pretty active but children 12yo nude I have to admit I am
running out of porn child horny
ideas for more stories. Any suggestions for a story line
would be much appreciated and if I write it or post it I will be happy to
credit you with the idea.Chris Johns, at home in Antigua.
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