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From: Dean Hargreaves
Subject: My Formative Years Part 2 Adult-YouthAfter that man had faced raped me in the bog (toilet) in Southsea young rusian nudes
I kept
getting hard in bed thinking about him pushing his cock into my mouth. I
would have a wank in bed Gallery pussy young imagining it happening again. I never went looking
for men, but I sort youngest hot teens of wanted to.In February next year just before I was fourteen I was out on my bike having
a ride. I wanted to have a pee and there were no public bogs anywhere. I saw
a wood and thought I could go in there. There was a car park and cars in it
and I young exposed nudes
didn't want to leave my bike there in case it got stolen so I went bit
further and hid it in the bushes and hot young schoolgirls
crept into the wood. It was a place
called Thatcher's Copse. I kept going into the wood young girl cums till I found a place
really hidden and then I had my pee. I was doing myself up when I finished
and I heard some noises nearby. I looked as best I could through the bushes
and saw two men. One man was standing up and the other one was kneeling down
and I couldn't work out what was going on. Then I remembered and realised he
was sucking the man's cock like I had done in that bog in Southsea, except
this man was enjoying doing it and I think the man being sucked was too cos
he was making the same noises as the man I was forced to suck had made, cept
he didn't call the man sucking him all the names I got called.I got a hard on watching this and then the man who was standing sort of
shouted/cried/groaned and I guess he must of cum... It was awesome! I was
like really horny and had a stiffy in my shorts.I walked verry young movies back through the woods to where I had hidden my bike and a couple
of men passed me going the other sex young teens way. They thai young pussi looked at me and my shorts and
then started playing with their cocks in free young strippers their jeans. I didn't realise then
what it meant. I got to my bike and rode the long way home.In bed that night I thought bout the man getting sucked and also the man
doing the sucking and the men playing with themselves and it sort of
clicked! The men were like telling me they wanted sex! I cum two loads in
bed that night.In April, like eight weeks after my fourteenth birthday I rode my bike to
Thatcher's Copse again. It was my Easter school holiday and it was in the
week. Mum was at work so I had all day. I got there like about 1200 and I
hid my bike and went into the woods. I couldn't find anybody at all and I
walked like all over the naked young japanese wood. I was going to leave when on my way back I
saw this man about 50 I guess. He saw me and he looked at my face and then
my shorts. I was a bit away from him but I could see what he was doing and I
got a stiffy and it showed. I got nearer to him and he looked at my shorts
again. He looked very young girls portal
nervous but he put his hand in his pocket and I could
see he was groping his cock in his trousers. Not sure what I was supposed neil young websites
do I copied him.The path was narrow and as I got to him and went to go past him he grabbed
my cock through my shorts. ^

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