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From: John Black
Subject: Mentoring, Chapter 1 Mentoring Chapter 1 Mentoring is what the university calls it. Perfect placement is
what I call it. As a newly recruited freshman on the university's
powerhouse football team, I needed seasoning in the art and science of
college football. I knew it would be different from the high school
version, but other than bigger men, I wasn't sure what that would mean. It
was my mentor's task to show me the new plays, toughen me up, and get me
ready for REALLY playing quarterback, not dancing around in the backfield
waiting for my man to get open. What my mentor showed me was how to take an even bigger dick up my
ass, eat ass, felch, fuck, and repeat as often as I could get hard. And
that was frequently. The mentor was two years lovely nymphets nacked older than me, starting his
junior year as I started my freshman year. His position was tight end (and
I could attest to that in several ways), he was my height at 6'4", he
weighed about teen bbs nymphet 220 and I weigh about 210. nymphets suck
His ancestry had African in it,
but to what degree, I didn't know. He was light skinned, incredibly
handsome, deliciously muscled, and had a monster 10" dick that I grew to
love. His big muscled ass was even better than my good friend on the high
school football team. I'd lead a privileged life to this point. My parents are wealthy
and wanted the best for me. I had a strength coach from the time I was 16.
I'm now six months beyond my 18th birthday. With the arrival of my mentor,
the strength coach was let go. My father decided that this new man would
train me in the newest college plays better than the coach I'd had for the
past two and a half years. So, the strength coach was history. However, I'll always be grateful to my coach for what he did for
me, and not just on the football field. He was the first man I was ever
with in a sexual way. Shortly after my 16th sweet asian nymphet birthday, he'd been hired.
Within a week, he was fucking the daylights out of me. But, damn nymphet it was only
one way. He'd fuck me or I'd suck him off. He never reciprocated. For my
dick to have fun, I "recruited" a couple of willing friends on the team to
help me out. My center had a really hot muscle ass that I loved to plow on
a daily basis. Sometimes, we had more time and I'd seed him several times.
His talent was not only his skills as a bottom, but he could also cum on
cue. He was even able to hit his climax and nut without nude underage nymphets touching his dick
or nude euro nymphets being otherwise stimulated. I watched him go from limp to hard to
climax in under five minutes. little nymphets 12 yo
And he never touched himself. Amazing! My other fuck buddy from the team was a fullback. He was big in
all the right places, except his dick. It was an average 6" like most of
the rest of the team (yeah, we had circle jerks, nymphet young site
just like everyone else).
I have 8" and my favorite fuck (the center) had about 7". But, the
fullback was so hot to get fucked and I loved to bone him. He always shot
his load nymphetsland com
virtual nymphet when I was pounding his ass. He couldn't hold back. And I didn't
mind at all. He was more of a weekend fuck, while the center was more into
week days. I think my coach had fucked both of them, but I was never sure,
and they never admitted to it. The littlevirgins nymphets tgp first time I met John (my mentor) was the 4th of July. The
family had free sex nymphettes
planned a small gathering of my parents' close friends. My
younger brother and I knew all of them, but that didn't make them any less
boring. The group of nearly 20 people seemed to be enjoying the food,
pool, and a small band. The music was of kitty nymphet girls their generation, so I was less
than thrilled. Okay, I was bored. But, when John arrived in the early
afternoon, I knew things were looking up. We were introduced by the head
coach of the university's nymphet nubiles galleries
football team. Then, the coach took off with
another of his charges to deposit a few miles away. I was instantly in lust. My younger brother had been snagged by
the oversexed daughter of one of my parents' guests, so he was out of my
face. John and I made ourselves scarce shortly after I introduced him to
my parents. His room had already been set up next to mine, naked nymphetes but John was
way ahead of that idea. He told my parents that it would be better if we
roomed together so guestbook nymphets
that we'd get to know each other better and to start
early on being roommates. Our handyman moved another bed into my spacious
bedroom to accommodate the new arrangements. There was an instant connection between John and me. Although I'd
known a few boys of color on my football team and at school, I was never
very close to any of them. My white skin, blonde hair, and economic status
kept us apart. I was hoping that would change with John. He was so HOT! He was the first to suggest that we jump in the pool together. We
changed in my (our) room. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. And he didn't
turn around nymphets 13yo
when he pulled all his clothes off. There was nothing shy
about this beautiful man. I made mention of how good looking he was and
asked if he'd ever modeled. He had, but didn't enjoy is as it was a lot of
hurry-up-and-wait, too much make- up, and far too nymphettes asian much attitude from the
clothing companies and photographers. He counted it as a learning
experience and vowed not to do it again. As he told me all this, I was young ukrainian nymphet
mesmerized by his incredible body and
thick, hanging dick. I couldn't have been more obvious if I'd had a brass
band and a sign. However, my body reacted to his amazing endowments.
Before I knew it was happening (because I was so enamored of his dick), my
dick was standing up and throbbing hard. Precum dripped from my swollen
manhood toward the floor. His smile was what brought me back to reality.
I blushed a very deep crimson. "I guess you like what you see, Brad," he smiled. "I like what I
see, too," little nymphet sex porn
he added moving closer. "You gotta beautiful, big dick." He
squeezed the head gently and japanese nymphet tgp then licked my precum from his fingers. I was
so excited that I was hyperventilating. I moaned loudly when elwebs nymphets he stroked my
hardness a few times. "You'll never be able to get in the pool with nubile nymphets xxx this,"
he purred. Falling to his knees, he swiftly engulfed my throbbing dick
with his warm lips and tongue. I jerked at the pleasure and nearly
collapsed. His steadying nymphets 13.y.o. hands on my ass kept me upright and firmly seated
in his sucking mouth. "Oh, OH!" I moaned and started to shoot my load. He sucked harder
when he felt my dick jerk in his mouth and begin to flood it. My hips
involuntarily fucked his face and loaded more sperm into him. My ragged
breathing burst in a staccato fashion with each squirt of cum. I couldn't
stop, nor nymphets ls naked did I want to. This was the best blowjob I'd ever nymphets jailbait russian had! He continued to hold me natural nymphets models as my climax waned and my dick slowly began
to wilt. My dick stayed in his warm, sucking mouth until he'd drained me
completely and I was down to about half hard. I pulled away and sighed
happily. "That was GREAT," I stammered, "and completely unexpected." "I'm not one to waste an opportunity," he grinned up at me. I
looked down at him and saw that his dick was a monster. It was very dark,
thick, and longer than any I'd ever seen. It was also dripping heavy
amounts of clear, sweet precum. I pushed best nymphets him back on to my bed and said," Nor am I," and
immediately swallowed as much of his horsedick as I could. That was about
half of his thick man-tool. His precum was sweet and plentiful. I could
suck on this for hours, I thought. But, I knew his cum would be as good or
better than his precum and far more plentiful. "This isn't your first time, sweetnymphets bbs
is it," he laughed. "You're good at
this. What else are you good at?" he wondered aloud. He began to play
with my ass. "Sweet!" he moaned when his fingers slid down my ass canyon
and tapped my tight pucker. "Uh, as much as I love to get fucked, you're way bigger than I'm
used to," I warned. "I know how to make it work," he smirked. ls magazine nymphets
"Where's your lube?" I rolled over and pulled a pump bottle from the bottom drawer of my
nightstand. It was hidden under some magazines and tissue boxes. "You
sure this won't hurt?" I asked with trepidation. "I've done this before. If it does hurt, we'll stop," he soothed. I was lying on my stomach, so he anal nymphs pulled me up to a doggie style
position. He buried his face in my white ass and began licking and prying
at my hole with his tongue. "What nymphets nude tgp
are you doing?" I asked. "Eating your ass! Don't you like it?" he wondered briefly, but
quickly returned to his task. "Uh, well, it's weird and no one has ever done it before. Doesn't
it taste bad?" "Your ass tastes great!" he replied and went back to his work. "Why do you illegal videos nymphets do it?" "Don't you like it?" "Well, yeah, it feels good, but are you sure you wanna do this to
me?" "For an ass this hot, you bet! Besides, it helps relax you so you
can take me." I still thought it hot nymphets com
was strange, but the longer he did it, the more
I liked it. Soon, I was begging him to eat me out, get his tongue way up
my ass. Moments later, I told him he had to fuck me. I couldn't wait any
longer. John applied the lube generously and slipped his monster into me.
He was thick, but I'd enjoyed my strength coach's dick enough times to
accommodate John's black stallion dick. However, after 8" of shaft had
penetrated me, it was starting to hurt. Those extra two inches young nymphet thumbs
were going
to be a problem. He could tell I'd tensed up. "Relax, Brad, just relax," he cooed.
"That's better," he added when I tried to think of something other than the
black fence post sliding deeper into me. And he was right. It wasn't as
bad as I thought it would be, at least as long as I remembered to relax.
John pushed deeper and I felt his curly pubes brushing my stretched
manhole. I smiled at the victory and relaxed more, knowing he wouldn't go
deeper. Well, he did go in another half inch, but I could handle that. John pulled out nearly all the way, leaving only the big head of
his dick inside me, dripping more precum that would lube my tight tunnel.
His hips pushed in and little nymphets foto free out in shallow strokes, allowing his monster
dickhead to massage my prostate and resurrect my dick to full hardness.
"You gotta sweet ass, nymphet virgin pussy mpegs Baby," John whispered. "I hope we have many more
days of this." "You feel good inside me," I admitted. "I like it!" "You'll like my flood of cum even more," he vowed. "Take it, Man!"
he nearly shouted. Suddenly, his dick swell, his dickhead grew and I felt his entire
dick jerk as he slid deeper into me. A spray of warmth hit me deep and nymphets selected he
rocketed deeper. Completely buried in my ass, his dick pumped again and
more warm sperm jetted into porno litle nymphets my welcoming ass. I'd never felt the coach's
dick spray my ass like John was doing. This was really good! I loved this
feeling. John rode lo nymphet guestbook me for three or four more minutes before pulling out a
wilting dick. "That's the best fuck I've had in ages," he sighed
contentedly. "It felt great from my end," I assured him. "Your end is wonderful," he laughed and shoved his tongue up my
cum-dripping hole. I winced and tried to pull away. What was he doing, I
wondered. Eating my ass after he fucked nude nymphs pics
me must taste nasty! I was sure
of it. But, he held me down and ate my hole out nymphets naked pictures anyway. A moment later,
he kissed me. I tried to resist, but he was stronger and his goatee
smelled great. I wondered if his lips and tongue would taste like ass or
like my sperm. I know my nymphet angel slut nut was good as I'd jacked off and licked off my
fingers more times than I care to admit. I let him open my mouth with his tongue and tasted my load and ass.
Startled at how good it was, I pushed him away for panties nymphets
a moment, but began to
lick at his goatee and lips. This was pretty tasty! John returned to my
ass and I relaxed more to allow him to stick his tongue farther up my butt.
Once more, he returned to kiss me. This time, nude polish nymphets I greeted him warmly. "What are we gonna do with this?" John wondered as he stroked my
very hard dick. "We can't put you in a nymphets land Speedo nasty youngest nymphets with nymphet tities this scaring the
children and enticing the women nymphet land and some men," he laughed. "Let's hide
it," he suggested craftily. I had no idea how we'd do that in Speedos.
However, he had something else entirely in mind. Quickly, he lubed his asshole and my dick, flipped on to his back,
and raised his legs into his happy nymphet chest. "I love to watch when I get fucked by
such a hot man," nymphet girl sex
he smiled up at me. I slipped my jerking dick into his ass slowly. He pushed back
against my abdomen to slow my descent. "Am I going too fast?" I asked. tiny teens nymphets "I'm just not used to something so big," he allowed. "But, I'll
get used to it, I'm sure." "You like getting inocent xxx underage nymphets
fucked?" "About as much as I love fucking," he admitted. I smiled at that and pushed deeper, but more slowly. "This is so
good," I sighed. "You're tighter than my two friends ukraine nymphet by a lot." "They're used to you. I'm not," he pointed out. "I don't think you'll ever be much looser. You're too nymphet sweet freeyoungest nymphets
muscular and
tight," I said. "Just fuck me and let's see if I can take you all the way." He could, but not for long. That wasn't his fault, but mine. I
wasn't in the saddle for more than 30 seconds before I started to nut
inside him. He arched his back nymphet handjob thumbs and gobbled up ukrain nymphet pics
my dick nymphet tiny teen
with his ass
muscles, chewing on my dick like little nude model nymphet
he couldn't get enough dick and cream.
One hand pulled on my ass to push deeper nude baby nymphets while the other hand worked my
nipples until I was howling with pleasure. Instantly, he put his hand over
my loud mouth. We didn't need folks checking up on us in our current
condition. Showering and taking time to eat more ass and lick out cum (both of
us), we donned our Speedos and raced to nymphets pregnant pics the pool. Both of us models nymphets 12 cannonballed
in and made an enormous splash. Some fully dressed guests got wet, but not
soaked. We didn't apologize, although we should have. zep nymphets They just naked nymphets pass chalked
it up to high-spirited teens. vombat nymphets sun bbs We swam some laps around the other top nymphet
and rested at the shallow end of the pool. I checked out his incredible
body again and got pthc nymphet
an instant woodie. John leaned over the edge of the
pool to talk to one of the guests, showing his ass off to me again. My
hard dick pushed more obscenely at the stretchy material. If I hadn't been
in the pool, my widening precum spot would nymphet oriental have been obvious to anyone
looking in my direction. I moved up next to him and engaged in conversation with the same
person. Playing footsie with John, I noticed his Speedos straining across
his ass. His dick must be making a huge tent in the front of those shorts.
I wanted that top site nymphets
dick up my ass again and now teenage nymphet schoolgirls wasn't soon enough. I paddled
over russian nymphet nude thumbs
to a stack of towels and grabbed two. Keeping them above water, I
wadded back to John and handed him one of them. "I think we should go change and get some junior nymphet pic food," I suggested
innocently. "I'm famished," he agreed with a wink. Wrapping the towels loosely around our waists, we climbed out of
the pool. I know our erections weren't well hidden from the glances, then
stares we got. But, walking fast, we made a quick exit. "You gotta fuck me again," we said in unison when I shut the
bedroom door behind us. Laughing, we tugged off our stretched Speedos and kissed hotly. We
tumbled on to the bed and got into a fast 69 position. That lasted only a
minute before we went to ass eating. "I nearly shot my load," he
volunteered. "Me, too," I admitted. "I'd better fuck you first. If you fuck
me, I'll shoot my load all over both of us the moment your monster goes up
my ass." "Sweet talker," he smirked. I lubed up his ass again and slipped easily inside. He schoolgirls nymphet
was uk nymphet more
used to me now and he already had a load of slippery cum in his ass. Once
more, I was a quick shot. He turned me on a lot and his ass was extremely
talented at sucking my off. This time, I did a better job of controlling
my shouts of pleasure. naked nymphets websites
He flipped me over and took me face to face.
Slowly, little pussy nymphet he went deeper and deeper, frequently pulling back and massaging my
shredded prostate with his monster dick. Within two more minutes, he was
filling my love tunnel with another load. When he pulled out, we got into an ass eating 69 and licked cum
from each other's well fucked ass. Jumping in the shower again, we rinsed
off, ate more ass, and finally toweled off and dressed. Flushed, but sated, we greeting the guests again. Several of the
women teen videos nymphets and a few men nymphets image
checked our crotches to see if they could detect our
erections again. But, nymphets innocent nude they were disappointed. naughty little nymphets
However, those same people
did check out John's beautiful, high ass. If they only knew how
wonderfully hard, deep, delicious, and fuckable it was. At midnight, the last guest left. We chatted with my parents for a
few more minutes, and then headed for bed. My brother dragged himself
inside just as we child model nymphet got to my bedroom door. "You score?" I asked in a whisper. "I got such a case of blue balls," he sighed. "She's such littlenymphets a prick
tease." "Not even an offer of a hand job?" "Not even through my clothes!" he wailed. "Bummer," John commiserated. "I guess it's Hannah and her sisters
tonight," he gestured like he was jacking off. "Nothing new there," he admitted with another sigh. With our bedroom door closed behind us, John asked, "How old child nymphet elwebbs is
he?" "He's 16." "Sure is a fine specimen. You done him?" "Nah, not interested and he's totally into girls." youngest extreme nymphets underage "You ever go to the dark side?" I had to think to get a translation. I thought he might be asking
if I'd ever fucked with a black man before, but decided he was asking if
I'd ever fucked with a girl. "Yeah, it's expected of the school jock."
John nodded knowingly. "Not very satisfying." "I hear ya, Bruh," John agreed. "I can do the deed, but men are so
much more fun, besides being tighter, and you don't have to worry about
makin' babies," he added with a shrug. "When did you start?" "With men?" I nodded. "Well, my first sexual experience was
jacking with friends when I was like 13. Didn't do any mouth penetration
until I was 15 and fucked my first manhole pedo nymphet index when nymphets magazine
I was 16. I've nymphet stocking been hooked
ever since." "When did you stray to the dark side?" "Same time, like when I was 16. I thought I little nymphet sexy should try it and the
guys on the team sorta forced me into it. One of the popular, but secretly
skanky girls was taking on the whole team. I was like the 10th guy in her.
What a load of cum that nymphets russian was! She loved to be eaten out and suck dick at
the same time. I did my best to lick out as much cum as I could from her
stretched cunt. And she totally got into getting fucked and sucking dick.
She little nymphet fucked took on three of us at once. A short dicked guy fucked her ass, I was
in her cunt, and she was blowing my best friend. When my best friend
nutted, so did I. The guy in her ass pumped out his load a little later.
That's when I discovered that having 10" of black dick was too much for
women." "I can certainly understand that," I agreed. "I'm surprised men
can take something that enormous," I smiled, handling his growing weapon as
we stripped off the last article of clothing. "You gonna fuck me again?" "You want it?" he laughed. "Oh, yeah, but this time, make love to me." His smile melted and he kissed me tenderly on the lips. "My
favorite," he sighed. And he did, beautifully. I've never felt so good, so protected, so
needed. ukrainian nymphets pictures portal He blew a monster load up little nymphets fucking hard my ass. I couldn't believe how ukraine nymphets tgp many
times his dick jerked as I felt more warmth spread into my deep cute nymphets naked
ass tunnel.
He didn't pull out when he'd finished. We slept with his wilting dick in
my ass until it slipped out sometime later. I woke up with his hard dick
forcing its way back into me. I pushed back and allowed all 10" to enter
me. He kissed the back of my neck and my nymphets 14year
ears. teen nymphet pics
I rolled on to my stomach
and took him with me. Slowly, he fucked me again, but he couldn't hold
back as he had before. This time, he lost his control after another minute
and filled me up again. He stayed on my back until his shriveling dick oozed from my ass.
He rolled me on to my back and sat on my dick until I pumped a load of my
teen cream into his black ass. When he pulled off, he turned and sat on my
face while he sucked on my cum-dripping dick. When he'd cleaned me off, he
went directly to my fucked hole and licked nudist nymphet nudist
out more cum. Satisfied that we underage nymphet lol pedo had extracted enough cum, we kissed tenderly and
slept again.
This story is fiction. Your life is NOT. Always play safe.Constructive comments to
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