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Related post: Date: Sun, 5 Feb underage kids models
2006 21:40:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Master Terra D
Subject: Married Bryan part 6 (authoritarian) illegal underage bbs Bryan and the man he'd chatted with on line
had reached a consensual agreement: bondage,
humiliation, discipline, but no marks; Bryan's wife
might notice.
The 6'2", 212-pound former high school illegal underage pornsites and college
sports star had been serving his muscled body,
chiseled face and body, and russian underage angels a brown treasurer trail
leading to his 8" cut fuck stick to Coach Leather.
That was all Bryan really knew of his owner, his
leather name. He'd not laid eyes on him in person,
seeing only a couple of pictures underage sex vid sent on the Internet
when they'd first agreed to meet.
Over underage petite porn
the past several days, Coach Leather had sent
Bryan the most humiliating e-mails yet. The pictures
Coach Leather sent weren't of Coach Leather, nude underage gallery and CL
had shown Bryan how CL had never claimed the pictures
were of him.
The e-mails showed Bryan how CL had a master command
of the English language and how Bryan, a certified
teacher, had missed all the hints CL had given him,
even at one point noting he'd told Bryan he looked
like the pictures being sent, "maybe".
Bryan had been 12yo underage fuck so dick hungry, he'd missed everything
and now he'd been servicing Coach Leather and other
men the coach had found.
It'd been 3 months since Married Bryan had first
presented him to Coach Leather. Four of his players'
fathers had fucked him before the coach, and he still
had yet to lay eyes on the coach.
That would change tonight.
Coach Leather had proposed the sons fucking Bryan,
but had apparently changed his mind. A couple of
fathers had told Bryan they were having underage black teen fun at CL's
Bryan had been servicing CL almost exclusively, with
a father or 2, and sometimes new men, joining the fun.
He still hadn't seen Coach Leather, but that was to
change tonight. He'd underage tiny nymphs been told to wear a jock strap
under whatever he wanted.
The underage children jock underage dui strap reminded him of his college days as he
drove over to CL's place, the metal butt plug keeping
him stiff. The geek hadn't butt plugged him, but had
made him wear chastity devices or cock rings, both of
which had the same effect on Bryan.
He ascended the stairs and found nothing. No note, no
blindfold, no handcuffs. He faced the underage anal pictures door and
The door opened almost immediately, revealing a
darkened space.
"Enter," Coach Leather commanded. "Strip."
Bryan did as instructed, his eyes growing accustomed
to the dark, but Coach Leather turned Bryan away as he
"Good, boy," Coach Leather said, placing a hand on
Bryan's shoulder, and slowly turning him around.
Bryan's married staff stood straight forward, harder
than underage supermodel pics ever, underage porn young showing his willingness to submit, to suck
cock, to have his married underage teenage naked
shitter stuffed with
fingers, tongues, cocks and more.
Lights slowly came to life as Bryan looked upon Coach
Leather for the first time.
At first, it didn't register who chinese underage teen stood before Bryan.
Coach Leather stood 5'8", 210 pounds, barely any
hair, not fat, but not in great shape underaged kds porn either.
Bryan had a few days to dark collections underage think about what Coach
Leather would actually look like, but had no idea
beyond what he'd look like. He'd figured out early
that the man he was serving didn't look like the
pictures. Coach Leather wasn't hairy. He wasn't built,
but beyond underaged pictures that, Bryan had no clue.
Now, underage bbs looking on CL in person, Bryan remained hard.
He'd served this man of 3 months, knowing without
being told that he wasn't the man in the pictures, but
needing his ass filled, his underage teenies porno mind dominated, his soul
Coach Leather had delivered.
Married Bryan realized before this meeting that he no
longer cared what Coach Leather looked like.
The players' fathers hadn't cared. Apparently their
sons hadn't either.
But there was more legal nudity underage
to Coach Leather than underaged nude models
all this.
Bryan recognized him.
Bryan was so surprised his butt plug fell out.
"Pick that up, bitch," Coach Leather sneered.
Bryan reached with a hand and was smacked.
"You know how," CL corrected.
Bryan looked, and indeed, nonude underage models underage naturist
the butt plug had landed
with the tip up, begging to be picked up as only a
well-trained boy could.
Bryan squatted, his air ass encircling the plug until
it popped in and Bryan could stand.
"You understand now, boy?" CL foreign underaged porn asked.
Bryan had only been this surprised and underaged lesbian humiliated
once before.
The geek lollipop cp underage had invited him over underage girl magazine after the graduation
ceremony, for one final use.
As had happened underground underage sites
before, Bryan had entered the empty
room and been hooded, his eyes seeing, his lips
And as before, the room had filled with jocks. He was
gangbanged by a underage art nudes bunch of college seniors, sucking,
fucking, fingering and more. The college had a bizarre
schedule, with seniors graduating on a Thursday, then
having one last class Friday. Bryan took the cocks,
now a happy cockhound.
Unlike the other time, no one illegal underaged girls
left after they were
Bryan underagegirls pics lay in the middle of the room, naked, cum
covering his hairy body, bikini underage which the geek had allowed to
The geek walked to the middle of the room, and
removed Bryan's hood, revealing him to everyone in the
room. Gasps were audible and looks daddys underage gril of shock were on
every face.
Bryan was in shock, too, the move was so unexpected.
Even some of the guys underagetgp pics who had been sucking cock and
taking it up the ass acted repulsed. Bryan just lay
there as they left, until only Robert Pence under age bbs
and the
geek remained.
Robert had changed since that first night. He'd been
diagnosed with cancer and undergone chemo, loosing all
his underage boys nudes hair, from head to toe. He'd kept in shape and
good grades had kept his scholarship.
He looked down at Bryan, lying in 40 college men's
cum, running off his underaged incest fucking chin.
"You're gross, man," Robert said.
"You ate your cum out of my jock shit hole," Bryan
"What?" the geek asked, taken underage model clips by surprised.
"He fucked me bare the first orgy you had, came sxy underage up my
ass and then ate it out," Bryan cried, rising and
becoming angry. "I'm gross? I'm gross? You're as sick
a fag as I am."
The geek underage petite nude
smacked Bryan.
"You don't hot underage use model underage pic the word fag unless you're referring
to a cigarette," the geek said.
Bryan's eyes clearly saw the geek in front hairlees underage pussy
of him, a
fellow college japanes underage hentai
student who he'd incest underage sex never bothered to find
out his real name, now Coach underage nude camp Leather. guestbook underage pics He still didn't
know his name.
"How did you find me?" Bryan asked.
"On your knees, boy," CL commanded.
Bryan obeyed.
"I didn't `find' you. I stumbled across you as sweet underage porn
did me," CL said. "I live here. I didn't move here to
find you. You just happened to land chinese underage girls
in the same place.
"We were chatting and from the way you talked and
acted, I knew it was you. The pictures I sent were underage preeteen pedo one
of the boys I use. That's always russian underage girlspics been your type.
Muscled men with big dicks. Course, my big dick never
failed to satisfy you in college, did it?"
The question hung out there, the answer known and
unneeded to be verbalized.
"I've come to a crossroads," Coach Leather said. underage porn sexy "You
know you've been filmed every trip you've made here,
and you've done so willingly, well, at least after the
first time...."
Coach Leather stepped dark underage pics up to Bryan and nude illegal underage put his hefty
log in Married Bryan's mouth, who suckled on it as CL
"I've started a website, called `Married Slaves',
made up of ing underage schoolgirls married men I've had serve me over the
years. It launched yesterday and is doing very well.
The married men's faces are blurred, but I'm still
making money hand over fist.
"You're the top viewed vid, boy. You should be
Bryan pulled back.
"So what's the issue, sir?" He went back onto the
"I've been contacted by 2 married men who want to be
on horny underage virgins the site, with their faces showing. My attorney's
drawing up contracts, and I've had a few other
contacts as well. The problem is, it looks like I'll
be moving to your old stomping grounds, down in St.
"I'm a reasonable master, and wouldn't expect you to
travel 2.5 hours one-way trip to me, so after tonight,
I'm releasing you, Bryan."
It was the first time CL had used Bryan's underage babysitter galleries name that
Bryan could remember. Usually it was "bitch", "boy",
"slave", "married cocksucker" or some rape underage girls other name, but
never fag.
Bryan had been bound, gagged, fucked, flogged,
4-fingered, in a sling, in a truck bed, in groups and
by strangers.
"I could come down some times," he whispered.
Coach Leather underage boyxxx pulled the athletic married man up by
his underage site
"You know that would arouse too underaged gay xxx much suspicion underages pussy by
your wife, Bryan," CL said.
CL led Bryan 8 underage pussy to the bedroom. The apartment amazed
Bryan. He'd never seen it.
The bedroom was something out of a designer magazine,
with a wall of leather toys as a bonus and a sling
hanging from the ceiling.
CL japanese underage sex had Bryan bound to the sling in a minute, the
man's hole totally exposed.
CL used a lot of lube and started working the raping virgins underage hole.
CL had underage love pics let Bryan's hair grow back around his hole, but
Bryan had to keep the rest of his body shaved.
CL placed a cum-socked jock strap in Bryan's mouth.
It underage incest pornxxx seemed fresh, as if cum in only minutes before
Bryan arrived, teen underage toplist and in truth, it had. Bryan was now
sucking the cum of 4 of his players from the jock
strap underage girls hot as Coach Leather worked the Missouri coach's
Bryan was high on the flavor of cum, but he did
notice underage spanking art when Coach Leather tried to underage japan pics push in all 5
"You erotic pic underage
can take it, Bryan," Coach Leather said, petting
Bryan's hairy chest, a finger occasionally leading
down the regrown brown treasurer trail. "You'll want
Larry to do this all the time."
Five minutes later, the fist popped in and Bryan
almost swallowed the jock strap.
The fist was like a butt plug. Once the fattest part
was in, it was pure heaven.
Bryan blessed out from the pleasure in his ass.
He lost track of time and everything else.
When Coach Leather finally popped the fist out ls underage preeteen
the final underage pussy chat
nn underage bbs
time, Larry was there, completely dressed.
Bryan had cum when the fist popped underage naked angels in and Coach
Leather had timed its removal to Bryan's second
cumming, acting as a huge anal bead. Bryan licked his
own cum from his lips.
Bryan was spent.
"Your vehicle's already been driven home for you.
Larry will underage guestbook take you home, Brran," LC said, not even
looking at Bryan.
"And if I don't want to go?" Bryan said, standing
from the sling, cum sticking to his hairy body,
starting to dry.
"I'm a closet case and you're married. With my
website, I doubt I'll be nude underage teen
in the closet long. You
planning to get a underaged black xxx divorce?" he asked, holding up underage asian girlunderage hentai vids a
hand. "You love cunt as much underagebbs
as you love a dick up
your ass. I'm not stupid. Larry will take care of
making cute underage boy sure that hungry hole of yours is filled. Hell,
he might underage anime movies even indian underage nubiles want to own it and have you fuck his
wife like some of the players do."
The trio stood still for a bit.
"I've had my use of you, Bryan. I used you in college
and I've used you here. I've had you do things you
wanted to do but weren't man enough to admit to," CL
said. "You don't care for me. You don't even underage models top know my
name, do you?"
Bryan hung hardcore underage pussy
his head.
It was all true. He was shallow, stuck on his own
needs and wants with no regard for cute underage sluts who was fucking his
muscled fuck hole.
He crawled into the bathroom and showered as CL and
Larry chatted.
"He's a real fuck, isn't he," Larry said.
"He thinks with his ass. He'd let a horse tell him
what to do if he thought the horse would fuck fuck underage teen him,"
Coach Leather said.
"Yer a cruel fucker," Larry latex model underage admired.
"Yeah, I know."
"You made it sound like he hurt you," Larry chuckled.
"I know. Make sure he cries himself to sleep with a
dick or fist up his ass," Coach Leather said. "Don't
worry about me. I'm not moving to St. Louis alone.
"Mike's coming with me." THE END Well, there it is, men and boys, the promised ending.
Sorry for the wait, but I am working on a paying
custom story, and it needed my attention (as well as
the full-time job) and amateur underage
other things. underage little angels Hope you enjoyed
the ending, underage photography nude and I'm sure you'll let me know.Men and boys, thanks for your comments. underage nudists incest
If underaged models xxx
you send
something, remember to put something in the subject
line, or japanese underage sites I think it is spam and delete it.
Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated. I can
write custom stories.
Master illegal underage hardcore Terra D
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