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From: Greg Reese
Subject: Marine Corps News - Chapter 5This is a work of fiction. The characters in this story live in a world
free of diesease so the use of condoms is not portrayed. The real world is
not like that. Practice safe sex, use a condom.It was around eight thirty in the evening before I made my way down to the
bar. I was ravenous and as I walked into the bar noticed it was pretty
empty for a Friday night. I took a seat at the bar and waited for the
bartender to take my order. While I was waiting I noticed that Moose was
already here, at the pool table alone. Dan, the bartender, came over and
took my hot preteen baby order. I had gotten to know Dan during my stay here. He always
seemed to be aloof yet completely sex rape preteen aware of what was transpiring around him.
He reminded me of a daddy type leather porn portal preteens star. Salt and Pepper hair,
with moustache and goatee to match, firm body yet not overdone. preteen modelos nonude I could
easily picture him in leather chaps and jock strap, ordering some cock slut
to get his boots clean preteen creampie pics
and then spit shine the nob of his cock. Moose came
over and sat down next to preteen showing feet me. "Glad you could make it!" He said. "It's
pretty quiet here tonight, where's the rest of the gang?" I asked. preteen public nudity "Oh
they went out to do the town, I really didn't feel like it so preteens nuas thought I'd
hang out here and shoot some pool. halloween nude preteen You play pool?" Moose asked. preteen fetish forums "No,
never learned." preteen models julie I responded back. About that time my burger and fries and
beer arrived. I wolfed the food down and while I was eating, Moose ordered
a pitcher for the two of us. Once done, Moose invited me back to the pool
table and offered to teach me the game.I must say, I wasn't a quick study, especially with the angle shots. But I
did manage to eek out a couple of wins during our practice games. "Feel
like you're up to playing for keeps?" Moose asked as he chalked his pool
cue. "Sure, why not." I replied, "But I think we need another pitcher of
beer." I continued. I nude 13 preteen grabbed the empty pitcher, walked over to the bar
and preteen pedo jpg waited for Dan to pour another pitcher. I went back to Moose, set the
beer down and excused myself as I needed to take a piss. preteen top child
I walked into nice preteens ass
rest room and noticed two urinals, no dividing walls. I laughed to myself
as I remembered the scene with LTC Mann and the urinals. hairless preteen nude I had just
started to let my piss go when Moose came in and took his place at the next
urinal. cumshot preteens
I preteens nude vids heard the fly of his jeans unzip and the splash of his piss hit
the urinal. Moose towered above me so he could easily look down and see
what I was sporting, and of course he did. I heard him quit pissing and
saw him step back a little as he shook the horny preteens nymphets last drops of piss from his dick
and stuffed it back into his jeans. I teen preteen nymphets managed to catch a glimpse of photo nude preteen
cock before school preteen nude
he shoved it back in his jeans but since it was so fast,
couldn't make out any details. I finished my piss, buttoned myself preteenage nude girls
up, flushed and we both headed back to the pool table. The bar was now
empty except for the two of us and Dan. We shot a few more practice games
and as I was racking up for our first real game, Dan announced last call.
I looked over at the clock on the wall and it read 12:30. Moose walked
over to the bar and came back with two more pitchers of beer. "We can't
drink that before he closes, he locks things up boy preteen cocks at 1:00." I said. "Relax,
I got it covered, he'll stay open longer for a private party." Moose
replied as he took his first shot to break.We continued to play, our game of pool masturbating preteens male and who was in the lead constantly
changing. I have to admit that for japaneses preteen models
a novice, I was doing very well at
keeping Moose on his toes. preteen dream photo Closing time rolled around and I saw Dan walk
over, close and lock the doors and draw the blinds little russian preteens shut. We now had the
place to ourselves as Dan began to take inventory of the liquor and clean
what few glasses there were. The final shot came down to Moose or I, one
of us was going to either knock the 8 ball in sexy preteen babes or miss, either way a win was
in store. It couples seducing preteens
was my turn and I took my time. The 8 ball was in an model naughty preteen
place on the table and it would take a bank shot to knock it in. I called
out the shot, and preteens bikini beach let go with my cue. The shot was perfect, the aim, angle,
all right on. preteen pussy hardcore
Except for the speed, I hadn't hit the cue ball hard enough.
I watched as it banked, knocked into the 8 ball and the 8 ball 14yo preteen nude slowly made
it's way towards the left corner pocket. It came to rest right on the
edge. I groaned and Moose let nn preteen posing out a yelp and slapped me on the back.
"That preteens caught masturbating was a great game kid! You catch on fucking preteen movies well." he said, nymphet preteen pussy chuckling. Dan
brought us another pitcher of beer and three fresh mugs, one for himself as
well. Technically he was off the x models preteen clock, legally though he was hosting a
private party. This way he could continue to serve as long we were willing
to drink. At some point, Dan super preteens nudes
had changed his clothes and was now wearing
jeans and a tank top. The tank top showed off his firm body as well as his
salt and pepper chest hair.Dan asked if he could join us to which we agreed. Since I lost, I racked
and the first game would be between Dan and Moose. hailey model preteen
"Let' say we raise the
stakes," Dan said, winking at Moose. Catching on, Moose cleared his throat
and said, "How about strip pool?" Both Dan and Moose looked in my
direction for some sort of reaction. gay preteens boys I was beginning to catch a buzz from
the beer so my inhibitions were lowering, plus, having gotten to know Moose
a little better over the course of the evening I came to realize that
beneath his little incest preteen
gruff outwardly appearance, he was really a big teddy bear preteens sexy nude in
side. "Fine by me!" I shouted. preteens tgp girls
"Shoes and socks don't count though, so
take 'em off before we start." I added. We all three removed our shoes and
our socks. Dan won world preteens models
the coin toss for the break. He sunk three balls in,
all three solids, on the break but scratched on his second shot. Moose was
already starting out behind as he took his shot. He managed to get two of
his stripes in before missing completely on his third shot. The game
continued like this, a frantic tug of war as each man raced for first
place. The final shot came down to Dan, Moose still had one ball left on
the table and it should be an easy shot for Dan to make. He took aim and
let go with his cue and sure preteen movie amateur
enough, the 8 ball glided to it's marked
destination and dropped. preteen beachs naturism
Dan sex preteen galleries had won the first game and Moose preteen hard pedo removed his
shirt as the first article of clothing.It was now my turn and I had to say I was a little nervous going up against
Dan. Moose racked the balls and since Dan won, took the first shot. While
Dan was preparing to break, Moose went over to the bar and brought us back
shots of Tequila. We toasted to brothers and downed the Tequila. preteen supermodels The
warmth of the liquor spread out across the pit of my stomach and seemed to
make it's way straight towards my cock. I could feel the familiar tingling
in the head of my dick as maxwells naturists preteen
the Tequila continued to course through my
system. We took a quick piss preteen model galerie
break and then Dan continued to make the
break. Luckily he left the table wide open for preteen sex moviess me as he didn't knock
anything in. I preteen movie home stepped up, decided on solids, and managed to knock three
in before scracthing on the fourth. We got down to the final round of the
game which Dan lost when he scratched on the 8 ball. Off model preteens innocent came his shirt,
and here came Moose with another round of Tequila shots.We continued the game until finally, Moose and I were down to our underwear
and Dan was naked. I had left the table to pour us another pitcher of beer
and bring back more shots. I had delivered the preteen pedo pthc
beer and was coming back
with the shots when voyeur cnadid preteen I looked up. Dan was standing at Moose's side and
sucked in one of Moose's excellent preteen nude
hard nipples. I could hear Moose softly moaning
as he caressed the back of Dan's head. Moose's naughty japanese preteens cock was hard and tenting
his underwear. I set the shots down and walked over to the action. Dan's
cock was rock hard and drooling and a wet spot was beginning to form in
Moose's undwear. I squatted down in front of Moose and pulled his cock out
of his underwear. His cock was not very long, about six inches maybe but
it was thick and clear juice was beginning to run out of this piss slit. I
guided his cock to my mouth while I reached over and grabbed Dan's hard
cock and started stroking. Both men groaned their appreciation as Dan
moved to Moose's other nipple. I pulled off preteen girls innocent
of Moose's cock and began to
devour Dan's, I was able to reach preteen naked camp
behind both men and started running my
hands over both of their asses. I worked on preteen porno sites Dan's cock for awhile then
pulled them both so that they were close enough to one pics preteens forbidden another that I could
work on both of their cocks at young preteens masturbate the same time. Both men were xxx cum preteen twisting and
pulling on each others nipples while I sucked on their cocks at the same
time. The contrast of size and thicknes and taste was sending my senses
reeling and I was heating up more so than normal. I reach into my own
pants preteen nudist model and pulled out my preteens model tgp hard and dripping cock and started to slowly stroke
myself. Both men pulled their cocks out of my mouth and reach down to pick
me up. hot amateur preteens Grabbing me they carried me over to and laid me down preteens nakked on one of the
tables in the bar. preteens links blue Moose straddeled my head and lowered his ass to my
mouth while Dan sucked in my cock and started working me over with his
mouth. My tongue darted out and found Moose's sweet hole. He moaned as he
stroked his cock and rocked his hips, his hole gliding preteen nonude modells over my wet tongue.
We remained in this position for a few moments, the heat in the room
increasing with our burning lust. All three of us moaning and the sound of
cock sucking and slurping ass reverberating throughout the bar. Dan spit
out my cock and Moose moved so that he was preteen lesbos gallery now on top of me, straddling my
cock, the head of my hard dick poised at his sweet hole. I couldn't
believe that this huge muscular man was going to take my cock up his ass, I
just naturally figured, given his size and strength, preteen boys gays that him getting
fucked in the ass was out of the question. Moose slid his ass down the
length of my cock and then leaned forward. I could feel the head of Dan's
cock at the base of my own cock and began to realize that adorable preteen gallery Moose was about
to get double fucked. I heard Moose grunt as Dan slowly entered his gallery preteen vombat ass. I
could feel the underside of Dan's tiny preteen images
cock preteen naked sex
sliding past on my own cock as he
slowly entered Moose, letting him get used to having two cocks in his ass
at the same time. Moose and I remained motionless until Dan's cock was
fully seated in Moose's ass. Moose had his face to my ear and I could hear
him panting and whimpering. I could feel his cock flexing and jerking, his
clear juice running out of the tip of his cock and flowing onto my stomach.
Moose was already trembling, as though he was on the verge of shooting, his
eyes closed as he reveled in irotic preteen story the feeling of two hard cocks inside him. Dan
slowly began thrusting, and both Moose and I groaned, The head of my cock
was bumping agains't Moose's prostrate, the pressure of having two dicks in
his ass all thumbs preteens was pushing hard on his prostrate. The feeling of preteen models ymf
being in a tight
warm ass while another cock slid over yours washed over me and my own legs
began to tremble. "It's not going to take long." Moose said. Dan and I
both panted and moaned in response as Dan increased his underage preteen torrent speed. I remained
motionless, lost in the feeling of it all. Moose's panting grew harder, he
was close. I could feel my preteen orgy
own balls disappear inside and felt that
familiar tingling that signaled preteen schoolgirl galleries the approach of orgasm. Moose shouted, "Oh
fuck, oh fuck, I'm fucking cumming." His hips quivered as I felt the first
shots of cum pour out of his cock. Dan slammed into Moose and I could feel
his balls slap against mine. This sent me over the edge and while Moose
was still firing cum out of his cock, I started shooting my load into
Moose's ass. Dan shouted, "Fuck that's hot, I can feel your cum shooting
on my cock. I'm going to shoot, fuck I'm going to shoot!". Dan slammed
into Moose's ass one last preteen german nude time, grunted, and let loose with his own load.
I could feel Dan's cum sweet 13 preteen covering my cock preteen lingerie photo
inside Moose's ass, the sensation
of already feeling one load in ass followed by another sent Moose into
another orgasm. preteen school porn Moose bucked and cursed, his hips moving, causing both of
our withering dicks to slide out, the two loads we had just shot into
Moose's ass streamed out and over both of our dicks. Moose preteen foto gallery reared up, his
cock firing round after round of cum. I grabbed his dick while he was
shooting and started stroking him, helping him get to his final orgasm.Moose's orgasm was over, he was panting, his massive chest heaving, covered
in sweat and cum from his first load. Dan was busy licking up the cum that
had poured out of Moose's ass and cleaning it off my cock and balls. Moose
leaned over me, hot preteens fucked offering his chest to me and I cleaned off the cum and
sweat from his massive pecs and hard nipples. I heard Moose moan and grunt
again and realized that Dan was fucking his ass again. I couldn't believe
he'd gotten hard again so fast. I moved around so that Moose and I were in
a 69, Moose's cock preteen boys nudity was hard as a rock again also and I realized that mine
was as well. Moose and I began to devour each other hard cocks as I
watched Dan plow his ass again. It wasn't long before I felt Moose
shooting his load down the back of my throat. I heard Dan groan and
watching him pull his dick out of Moose's ass. He stroked it twice, aimed
his dick at Moose's hole and emptied his load on Moose's stretched hole. preteen girls cumming
thrust one last time and started shooting free preteen archive
my load down Moose's throat and
while he preteen fuck download was swallowing my load, I pulled his hips forward and started
cleaning Dan's load off his hole. Satiated, we each preteen nudist brazil laid there, Moose over
me, Dan on Moose's back, panting, enjoying what we had just experienced.After we had calmed down, Dan and Moose got up and started to get dressed.
"C'mon pool shark, we need to let Dan get out of here and we need to catch
some schoolgirl russian preteen sleep." Moose said. I too got up and started putting my own clothes
back on. After we got dressed, we said preteen swimming pics our thanks and goodbyes to Dan and
headed to the elevator. preteen gir
The doors opened on the 30th floor and we both got
off, Moose following me. "Isn't japan preteen pussy
your room in the opposite direction?" I
asked. "Yeah, but I thought I'd crash with you, besides I still have a
treat to give you." Moose said, slapping me on the ass. "I don't believe
you, you just fucking shot what, three loads? And you're ready for more?"
I asked. We had reached the door to my apartment, preteen english nudist
I unlocked it, opened
the door and Moose pushed me in, shutting the door quickly behind him and
locking it. We embraced and Moose's tongue found it's way down my throat.
After a very quick and rough kiss, he pulled off, pushed me down to my
knees and growled."Fucking Marines, you're all a bunch of horn dogs." I said as I reached out
to unzip his jeans........
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